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We selected two alternative systems to sanitize the air of an enclosed space in order to offer the highest level of customization and adaptability to different types of vessels. Our SAU and MAG systems can be used singularly or even together.
Our MAG is also a perfect air sanitization system which works as a fully independent device, without interfering with the HVAC system, without the use of filters and without the need of frequent maintenance. After studying and comparing the validity of about 150 systems, we have designed a device which is extremely compact and light and which maintains 100% of its efficiency for as long as two years.
Our MAG (“Mountain Air Generator”) is based on the combination and optimization of the two most efficient systems presently existing to destroy all pathogens which could be present in an enclosed room. In sanitizing the air at 99.9% our MAG also shows a great effectiveness in keeping the surfaces pathogen-free.
The two systems we merged are the photocatalysis and the 254nm UV-C light, but the cutting edge technology is in the electronic driver controlling the lamp. To illustrate the problem which the MAG addresses: if a bacterium were the size of a football field, then a virus would the size of a blade of grass. In order to destroy it, by hitting its microscopic RNA with ultraviolet photons, the lamp must emit its light at exactly 254nm – not 253.5 or 254.5. To achieve such precision in disintegrating Covid-19 or other viruses, beside using UV-C lamps of the highest quality and reliability, our driver is able to continuously check and adjust, in a matter of a few nanoseconds, the photonic emission at 254nm, with a reliability of 99.9%.
Our MAG system has a high degree of customization, as each ship contains public spaces of different shapes and dimensions. Of extremely compact size and negligible weight, its case can be of personalized shape and certainly its presence in a room would give confidence to people. But it can also be hidden within the furnishing or in a crawl space of the lining or the ceiling.
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