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In combination with the Nebula40 nebulizer, SanaBreeze becomes the simplest and most efficient way to sanitize spaces of small and medium size. It is produced in different sizes, but even the smallest unit (a cylinder with a diameter of less than three inches) is extremely powerful. Placed in a standard cabin of approximately 200,000 square feet, Nebula40 needs just two cycles of 30 minutes a day to inactivate pathogens present on surfaces and objects.
It can be easily recharged through a USB port (or plugged into an electrical socket) and is fitted with a timer. While it can be used by the housekeeper when guests are not in the cabin, this nice-looking object conveys a sense of confidence to the guests and helps keep the cabin odorless.
larger models of the Nebula are ideal for frequently used spaces such as restrooms, spa areas and gyms, places where a continuous disinfection is highly recommended.
Besides saving a lot of work for the housekeeping department, our Nebulas nebulizes SanaBreeze in any spaces of the room, even those virtually impossible to reach by hand.
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