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There’s been a lot of talk about the application of UV-C lights to the HVAC system to destroy Covid-19. We studied in depth this possibility and, as pointed out by Cruise Industry News (Jan 2021), it doesn’t work because “the speed of the air moving through the ducts cannot be too fast in order to trap and kill viruses. On the flip side, higher filtration classes may also cause the air pressure to drop and thus reduce the airflow and hamper the fresh air exchange”.
But we found UV-C lights excellent for another scope: sanitize dining areas and galleys.
The UV-C lamps can destroy quickly any pathogen without any damage to objects and surfaces exposed to them. For instance, waiters can set up the tables ready to receive guests and simply switch on these special lamps fitted on the ceiling.
Of the utmost importance is not only the quality and robustness of the lamp but also its driver, a cutting-edge technology device which continuously checks and ensures a perfect nanometric wave length.
UV-C lamps must be used in absence of people.
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