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Airlite is a 100% natural paint which can be applied on any type of surfaces. Its effectiveness in eradicating Covid-19 and other pathogens is proved by 5 international patents and 25 certificates by independent labs.
Surfaces painted with Airlite are able to destroy 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and mycosis in just a few hours, including air-borne viruses. Therefore, Airlite blocks also molds and germs which cause allergies and other respiratory diseases.
Airlite is activated by natural light, oxygen and humidity normally present in a space, breaking down up to 88.8% of air contaminants.
Airlite emulates the naturally occurring process of air purification, allowing any surface to become a natural air disinfectant and deodorant.
As Airlite attracts the water molecules present in the air, it creates an invisible protective film which prevents deposit of dirt.
Airlite is available also as a perfectly transparent and invisible clear coat which can be applied on virtually any material, including for instance fabrics and upholsteries used for curtains, seats etc.
As an example, it can be applied on door handles, which in this way remain always free of pathogens without needing any extra cleaning.
Airlite paint remains effective for approximately four years on walls, ceiling etc. For what concerns the Airlite clear coat, it is suggested to re-spray it once a year on frequently touched elements (bar tops, handles, handrails, switches etc.).
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