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For nearly two centuries cruise ships have crossed oceans worldwide, offering not only amusement and enchantment to millions of people, but also creating a network of friendship, culture and cooperation for mankind. In this long period of time, the cruise industry has been hit by many crises, but despite the present difficulties we can't imagine a world without these unique “means of transport”, the largest self-propelled floating cities ever conceived by man.
At the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, Thalia started working with long term partners and friends such as Tillberg Design of Sweden and Sirio Outfitting under the motto “cooperation instead of competition” to find solutions to help the cruise industry.
After several months of dedicated studies, under the “Sirio & Thalia Healthcare” brand, we are now proud to offer a full package of solutions which can effectively and simply be applied to existing cruise vessels.


These four words were the keys of our studies. We evaluated numerous solutions available on the market to fight pathogens and worked with independent labs to check their performance and also studied how to couple, enhance and customize different systems or products to obtain the very best that modern science offers. Although prompted by the present pandemic, our commitment to make ships environmental friendly and a safe and healthy place to be enjoyed has always been our mission. Indeed, our proposals are extremely efficient against all pathogens, and in addition to viruses like Covid-19, they neutralize bacteria, mycosis, pollens and allergens as well.
The aim was to have a fully sanitized vessel and then to create a barrier around her against pathogens, without overworking the housekeeping department and the whole crew, by automatizing as much as possible the disinfection of air and surfaces, as well as objects commonly present on a ship.
Therefore, our strategy has a multi-disciplinary approach, which allows either the use in combination of all of our proposed solutions or just some of them.


Our systems are conceived to create an effective protective barrier around the ship. They prevent pathogens to easily board a ship and they maintain her fully sanitized. Our range of products have passed strict protocols of testing and can be used both combined or singularly to offer the maximum flexibility to the Cruise Industry.
Please, have a look to the certificates and declarations of conformity which can be downloaded from the page of each product.
remove 99,9% of pathogens including Covid-19 and it is 100% natural
the Sanitizing Entrance Arch (SEA) gently spray SanaBreeze on people boarding the ship
ideal for cabins, the simplest and most efficient way to sanitize spaces of small and medium size
the Ozonized Mist Generator (OMG) is the simplest way to sanitize baggages and any other items loaded on board
Ideal for a deep sanitation of dining areas and galleys
Mountain Air Generator (MAG) the most compact and efficient device to sanitize large room
the Air Quality Detector (AQD) measures pathogen vehicles and other pollutants in any space
100% natural paint kills all pathogens, reduces air pollution and prevents mould growth


Sirio&Thalia Healthcare is based in Trieste, one of the cities with the highest concentration of advanced research centers, such as the  International Centre for Theoretical Physics, the SISSA International School for Advanced Studies, the Elettra Synchrotron Trieste School, where scientists from all over the World work on extremely challenging and complex researches for the welfare of humanity.
In this beautiful city, at the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea not far from Venice, is also headquartered Fincantieri, the largest builder of cruise ships worldwide and, a few miles away, their largest shipyard at Monfalcone. The territory around has many studios and companies engaged in the development, research, design and outfitting of cruise ships.
For more details of the vast array of services we offer to the Cruise Industry, please visit


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